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  • How did Hook-A-Hero come to be?
    Hook-A-Hero was founded in the fall of 2016 by a first responder whose inspiration came from seeing all of the hard work of his fellow first responders and the lack of acknowledgement and support of the demands of their jobs entailed. He knew firsthand that each one gives their absolute all, day in and day out, to serve others, but it seemed that no one was serving them. Thus, the mission for Hook-A-Hero was born, and the passion to give back to those that so selflessly give became a reality.
  • What do you offer to your participants?
    Hook-A-Hero is dedicated to providing assistance to our Hero First Responders by various mental health services and support. Additionally, we bring passion and joy back into the lives of our Hero First Responders that serve our nation through various outdoor activities, a bonded support network and unforgettable friendships. It is our goal to establish lifelong friendships and fellowships with those we are able to serve.
  • Why First Responders?
    One of Hook's primary goals is to shine a light on the service of our First Responders because far too often, they are not given the exposure for the troubles and situations that they deal with on a daily basis. In this day and age when First Responders are targets of criticism and danger, we want to make sure that they know they are appreciated and highly regarded. Additionally, Hook's purpose is to provide and/or support the services needed by our Hero First Responders. Their selfless service every day, most for upwards of 20 plus years, is far too often unrecognized and often taken for granted. We intend to do whatever it takes to support them and make sure they know they are supported!
  • How do I become a sponsor?
    We are so grateful for your interest in sponsorship! To begin, please fill out the sponsorship form and a member of our team will be in touch with you! You may also contact any of our Team Members.
  • How are sponsorships and donations used?
    Our organization helps our Hero First Responders with various services as well as our group outdoor activates. As a nonprofit organization, every dollar counts. It is our goal to minimize overhead as much as possible. We depend on our dedicated volunteers to help keep our costs low so we can provide even more to Hook's Hero First Responders. All donations and sponsorships will also allow us to gather and utilize the equipment and gear necessary to provide such experiences. Your support will not go unnoticed and will be used to help fund the services and support provided by Hook-A-Hero.
  • How are participants chosen?
    Participants or those nominating a participant must first fill out our Hero Nomination form. In order to be eligible, you must be a First Responder or military member with Active, Retired, Reserve or Veteran status. Hook-A-Hero will not discriminate based on race, gender or disability. All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be shared without your consent and approval. Once your nomination form has been received by our team, the nominee will be contacted to complete a brief and confidential call.
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