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Paul Evancoe

Public Relations Director

Paul Evancoe

Paul is a decorated Police officer in Central Florida who has dedicated himself to the community. Paul has served various roles for the agency including full time in-service instructor, Tactical Street Crimes, Narcotics, and was a member of the SWAT team for more than 14 years, 10 of them as a SWAT Sniper.

Paul spent his childhood fishing and hunting the woods of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. With a passion for the outdoors, Paul moved to Florida after college to become a police officer and enjoy the unique fishing opportunities Florida has to offer. Paul spends most of his time fishing the Space Coast chasing big redfish.

Paul is intimately involved with the Florida SWAT Association and focuses his efforts on giving back to the law enforcement community. Paul joined Hook in 2021 to expand his reach in those efforts.

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