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Roy Raulerson

Activities & Events Director

Roy Raulerson

Roy began his career as a meter reader for a local utility company 21 years ago. Realizing early on he had a passion for serving his community, and wanting to help keep their lights on, he moved his way into his current lineman role.

When this 4th generation Floridian and Tampa native is not working, you will find him working on the ranch, in the woods hunting or on a boat fishing. If he’s not there, he’s out on the ballfield coaching young athletes in baseball and football.

Roy is very passionate about his community, enjoys helping others when an extra hand is needed and will never hesitate to drop everything when someone is in need. Roy and his wife are very active in their local church and in real estate. Roy expanded his reach in the community in 2022 by joining Hook to help make a difference in our first responders’ lives.

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